7 Ways to Choose The Right Personal Trainer

Jeremy Dupont

It’s just about that time! The new year is right about the corner and everyone’s talking about.. NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS!

New year, new you.. right? ????

Although I preach that you can make a change at any point of the year, I am a fan of New Year’s resolutions. The calendar change provides a little extra motivation for people to commit to a positive change in their lives.

The majority of resolutions are fitness based and start with the greatest intentions. Unfortunately, most people try to make a radical change on their own and their inspiration quickly becomes overwhelm due to lack of knowledge and support. Like, by February.
Why not hire a personal trainer for their expertise, motivation and encouragement?

Here’s 7 things to look for in a personal trainer to ensure a successful New Year’s resolution:

1.Make sure they’re legit.

It’s very easy to be an imitation personal trainer.  Have some good genes and a fast metabolism?  You can market yourself as a trainer!  Ask questions to make sure they actually know what they’re talking about.  Another good way to ensure you’re getting a quality trainer is to seek out references and testimonials.  If they’re good, people are talking about them!


2. Make sure you connect.

Connection is one the biggest traits you MUST have with your personal trainer.  If you don’t enjoy their company or simply respect what they have to say it’s not going to work.  Chances are, you’re going to see your trainer more often than your friends and family, you better like being around them.


3. They’re going to keep you accountable.

A good personal trainer will keep hold you accountable because, well, that’s why you hired them.  Be sure you’re going to get weekly check-ins, daily motivation, personalized readings, and take-home workouts.  This should all be included when hiring a trainer – if you only hear from them when you’re in session, that’s a bad sign.


4. Nutrition Guidance.

Although most personal trainers are not Registered Dietitians, they need to be knowledgable about fueling the human body.  They should be an invested student of nutrition and be up to date on the latest news and trends.  Be skeptical if they try to put you on the newest fad diet or tell you that you can lose 50 pounds in a week.


5. They refer out.

In the same breath as nutritional advice, if you have a real life nutritional issue or allergy a good trainer will refer out to a RD.  If your trainer thinks he or she can fix all your problems from weight loss to nutrition and the nagging knee issue you’ve had since you were 10 years old–  it’s not a good sign.  Also, a good referral network means the trainer is well respected within the health community.  They should have a plethora of healthcare workers in their network including Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Massage therapists and much more.


6. You get quantitative results.

In my experience, there are two types of personal trainer – one that keeps notes of everything and ones that flies by the seat of their pants every day.  Choose the former.  A good trainer should be tracking everything to confirm what they’re doing is working.  Be sure that your newly hired trainer will be tracking things such as body weight, body measurements, weight lifted, body movements and habit changes.  If they’re not, move on.


7. Leave your wallet at home.

This is coming from someone who literally sells personal training for a living.  But, when it comes to purchasing any sort of personal training or wellness service, take the night to sleep on it.  If you buy, then regret or have remorse and it reflects your attitude during sessions it hurts not only you, but the trainer as well.  Make sure you are fully committed, and that this is of top priority, no one likes a day-of canceler.

Picking the right trainer is essential to obtaining your goals.  If you don’t connect with them, they don’t keep you accountable, or just have no idea what they’re doing in general it’s not good.  When making an investment in your health, shop around and figure out what’s going to be best for YOU!

Jeremy Dupont

Jeremy is founder of Dupont Wellness— an online based hub for nutrition, movement, and overall lifestyle habit change. There he carries out online coaching for one or all of the health and wellness disciplines needed for a healthy life. He also dabbles in the art of cooking; creating allergy free recipes and healthy alternative to the classic comfort foods. Jeremy also works at a Wellness center in downtown Boston where he completes nutritional consultations, movement assessments, and overall mindset changes for a full spectrum of clients. Even though Jeremy lives and preaches a overall healthy lifestyle, he is very realistic in his approach and is a lover of all things beer. Balance, moderation, and mindfulness is key!



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