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Jeremy Dupont

Jeremy Dupont

Jeremy is founder of Dupont Wellness--- an online based hub for nutrition, movement, and overall lifestyle habit change. There he carries out online coaching for one or all of the health and wellness disciplines needed for a healthy life. He also dabbles in the art of cooking; creating allergy free recipes and healthy alternative to the classic comfort foods. Jeremy also works at a Wellness center in downtown Boston where he completes nutritional consultations, movement assessments, and overall mindset changes for a full spectrum of clients. Even though Jeremy lives and preaches a overall healthy lifestyle, he is very realistic in his approach and is a lover of all things beer. Balance, moderation, and mindfulness is key!

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The Perfect Avocouple

Avocado + Toast. Okay.  So.  Avocado toast doesn’t necessarily count as a recipe, but I’ve been having it as a snack, literally every day, for the past 6 months. Seriously,…

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