Clean out the clutter

Elise Perry

Hi, I’m Elise. You may have seen me with my amazing team, creating healthy and happy bellies, at The Juicery’s Boston location. 

My girl, Stella.


Before joining the management team at The Juicery, I spent the early parts of my career as a nutritionist, both clinically and in my community. I’ve worked in hospitals, clinics, schools, senior centers, non-profits; you name it!

The most repetitive barrier I experienced as a nutritionist was the accessibility of easy, nutrient-dense meals. After receiving my Masters in Public Health, I wanted to shift my focus to remedying this. I decided to work for The Juicery, an amazing company that’s initiative is exactly what I was looking for: a means to healthy and hearty on-the-go foods.


 Unlike the media, fad diets, big-box stores– and yes, even the confusing food guides– The Juicery has a what you see, is what you get mission that I admire. 

After years the food pyramid, MyPlate, and picking apart food labels to patients and the public, it is so refreshing to be able to focus on REAL FOOD and to help create healthy communities.

No matter how many text books you read, recipes you pin on Pinterest or superfoods you buy, nothing will work unless you do. Here’s the key to healthy eating: if you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce all the ingredients, it probably is not as healthy as it claims to be. Our society has steered away from eating foods in it’s pure, whole form and has opted for prepared, packaged and falsely claimed, mass-produced foods. With lives getting busier and the windows of time to cook for ourselves getting smaller, it is so easy to just reach for that package of shelf stable muffins or heat up that frozen pizza pocket.

I’ve opted for an on-the-go breakfast bar that claimed to have 3 essentials vitamins and 20 grams of protein with unrecognizable ingredients on the food label before– nutritionists are human too. But, I am vouching that on-the-go foods can be real and healthy with no weird added ingredients.

This quote by Michael Pollan, the author of In Defense of Food, sums up the idea best: “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.”

The Juicery hasn’t created anything new or invented the magic solution– we just provide our customers with tons of options for on the quick, accessible meals and snacks, filled with real, whole foods.

Fueling Boston with my Assistant Manager, Emanuelle.

Think you eat healthy already?. Try this challenge at home and score yourself. Go through your cupboards, fridge and freezer and take a look at your food labels. Can you recognize all the ingredients?  Do the first few ingredients contain real food and not just chemicals or by-products? Could you make a healthier version yourself?

Start by devoting at least one meal a week that is simple, made of whole foods, and is homemade. When that is mastered, up-level to a meal a day– and eventually the rest will fall into place. Think of your approach to eating as cleaning out the clutter, that ‘clutter’ being the unrecognizable ingredients that society claims is food.

Focus on fruits, vegetables, lean meat proteins such as fish and hormone-free poultry, and whole grains. Look for ways to cut out added sugars, salts, and chemicals by substituting with real spices and herbs for flavor. If you’re on the move, don’t forget to stop by The Juicery, we love to nourish your mind, body and soul with our affordable, accessible, whole foods. 

Elise Perry

Elise got her undergrad in Nutrition and Sociology at the University of Maine (go Black Bears!) and UNH for her masters in Public Health to pursue her passion for health and wellness. With a specialty in prevention, she joined the Juicery management team to help the with the movement of healthy on-the-go foods.

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