How to Make Changes That Will Last

Elise Perry

Want to Make A Lifestyle Change?

Have you tried to make a change in the past, only to be back to your normal routine or habits after a few weeks or months?

Here are some tips to get those desired changes to stick!



A goal without a plan is just a dream or wish. Turn that goal into real life progress by planning your path to success! Start with writing down what you want to achieve and when. Writing down your goals, actually increases your success rate and helps you get serious about what you want to achieve. Make sure your being realistic with this goal and yourself. The more detailed plan, the better. Write down your what, why, how and when. For example, I want to start working out twice a week to reduce my stress. I will go for a run after work two nights a week for 3 months. Disclaimer: These tips will work for any lifestyle change, not just fitness and nutrition.


Start Small

After you recognized your short or long term goals, break it up into smaller steps to make it more manageable. In this example, start with running for only 10 minutes at first if your new to running, or keep track of your steps with fitness trackers. If distance is your goal, start small so you don’t get discouraged and can note your progress as you go! Write down in your calendar, notepad, etc. when you plan on working on your goal and create a back up plan for things that come up. Starting small will be able to make your schedule more flexible until you have incorporated new habits into your lifestyle successfully.


Change One Thing At a Time

Many of us out there run into problems when we try to change too many things too fast. Unhealthy behaviors develop over time, so changing your routines to create healthy behaviors will take time as well. Too improve the success of reaching your goals, change one thing at a time to create a habit that will last a lifetime. It is also good practice to keep other goals in your “back pocket” to give you more motivation to keep going. Use one goal at a time as a ladder or staircase to success, with the end step being a new and improved you!


Have a Buddy and Ask for Help or Support

It is always easier to go through a journey when your not alone. Confide in a friend, coworker, family member or someone who cares about you and share your goals. You could recruit a workout buddy, eat healthier with your spouse, or consider joining a fitness group. Having someone else know your goals and help keep you accountable will help you obtain your goals. Accepting help and support from others such as a health coach, counselor, etc., may help you identify factors that are holding you back from your goals. Asking for help doesn’t mean your weak or will need it for a lifetime but, may help keep you on track and recognize roadblocks that are holding you back from success.

Remember, making changes takes time and commitment.

No one is perfect and no one is on the same journey.

Be kind to yourself, allow balance and always keep working on your goals.

Elise Perry

Elise got her undergrad in Nutrition and Sociology at the University of Maine (go Black Bears!) and UNH for her masters in Public Health to pursue her passion for health and wellness. With a specialty in prevention, she joined the Juicery management team to help the with the movement of healthy on-the-go foods.



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