Letting Go of Fear + Going For It

Raya Al-Hashmi + Miles Woodworth
Hello Juicery lovers! Raya and Miles here, ready to talk about how letting go of fear + going for it helped shape the lives we know and love today.
We are reporting live from Costa Rica on vacation in the middle of our wild New England winters. You know how it is. We both run our own companies, photography and videography specializing in business branding and personal branding. We absolutely love working for ourselves and being able to do our passion as our profession. We also know what it’s like to not have that be our reality. It wasn’t that long ago, Raya 3 years ago and Miles 5 years ago, when we both were working for someone else and not tapping into our zone of genius. We were just getting by, not able to save much or pay off our massive student loans… We also weren’t sure anything would change… like this was probably the best it could get. You feel us?
Miles’ story changes when he got a call to not come into the restaurant he did dish at- they were closing.
Raya got an e-mail from a new mom while working behind a desk at a hotel who wanted newborn photos and was visiting from Chicago so only has a short time frame to have these taken while visiting family up here…
Sometimes it takes one call or one e-mail to be the catalyst of change. To be the thing that forces us to confront our fears and really take some radical self-responsibility to step toward a life that we really want. To see the truth that anything is possible and that it is the fear that tends to be the one thing between our current life and our ideal life.
It also takes looking at the parts of our lives where things have been added on to, taking up space, time, energy, money, etc. and that aren’t directly contributing to creating our ideal experience on earth.
For Raya it was looking at each cent spent and asking- is this directly contributing to transitioning into a full-time photographer? That coffee, that beer, that relationship, that trendy dress? It takes not only knowing your ideal life is possible but also looking at the things you’ve already welcomed in and seeing if that still alines with your best self and life.
For Miles it was that fact that he has worked so hard for his degree in film and knew he had to pursue it because it was what he was meant to do.
So the thing I would love to leave you with is to be ridiculously honest about your current life. Are you in love with it? Are you proud of it? Do you believe that you can and do deserve more? And do you know that the worst case scenario is never as bad in reality as we love to dream up that it is? You will survive each time you try and you can always go back to your old experience if the new one doesn’t end up ‘working out’. Not trying because you’re not sure isn’t good enough. See you at the top.


Raya Al-Hashmi + Miles Woodworth



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