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Mindful Eating Meditation

We are ALL busy, especially this time of year. As a yoga and meditation instructor, one of the most common answers that I get when I ask people if they meditate is.. ‘I don’t have time to meditate!’ Well, I have discovered a mindful meditation practice that is short and simple, and that you may be able to incorporate even into your busy life!

Meditate on what you eat! Yes, I’m serious!

When leading my International yoga and meditation retreats, I have the ability to witness the incredibly beautiful food prepared with care by a private chef. I watch with a smile as each of my students personally thank the chef each night for the beauty and heart that is poured into each meal. The chef is fulfilled just that we have enjoyed the food from his/ her garden. So, ask yourself… Do I  actually take the time to enjoy my food when you eat? Do I thank myself or the person that grew or prepared my food each time I consume?  

The late Jamie Zimmerman, M.D. created a mindful eating meditation that will help you learn to handle food cravings with awareness and intention. It will also allow you to realize how we should be grateful that we have nourishment for our bodies.

When we are busy with life, we forget that our mealtimes are intended to be moments of of celebration and awareness. It may seem far-fetched, but if you just try it with even one meal per day, you may find you are more appreciative of what goes into your body, and therefore, make better eating choices.

So, how do I meditate when I eat? Well first, let’s start with what this doesn’t include: driving down the highway while shoveling a bag of kale chips… while also on a conference call… while the baby is crying… while someone just cut you off… while trying to find toll money… while spilling your coffee… while…. Get the idea?

What is does include: Mindful eating allows us to STOP and directly tune into the body while consuming food, to truly appreciate each bite. Here is how it works:

Use the acronym STOP to help you through moments of fear and weakness.

“S” stands for simply that: stop. (So pull the car over!)

“T” stands for take three deep breaths. Breathing helps you to invite gratitude in for each bite that you take.

“O” stands for observe. Observe how you feel before and during your meal.

“P” stands for proceed in a way that supports you and those around you. When you are ready to consume, do it with LOVE for your food, love fro where it came from, especially if it was from the Juicery:)

You can use this STOP acronym as many times as you would like with your meal intake. Maybe you could offer it up at the next family dinner you have as something to do together. Ask the person in your family that prepared the meal where they purchased the food and if it was from a local source… or from their own garden!

Knowing exactly what we are nourishing our bodies with and where it comes from allows us to make better decisions and to feel even more of a sense of gratitude and fulfillment.

If you are interested in learning more about meditating and celebrating as a community, I will be leading a Strawberry Full Moon Yoga and Meditation celebration on June 9th, at 6:45pm on Plum Island in Newbury, MA. Please join me for live music with Jenna Sarno. Sweet treats and tea will be provided by the Juicery!

Purchase tickets here. 




Sarah Oleson

Sarah Oleson

Sarah Oleson is a Northshore based yoga teacher and International wellness retreat leader.
Sarah is a New England native, but traveling to new places is her true love...especially tropical places. After graduating with a Masters Degree in elementary education in 2013, Sarah decided to make teaching and traveling more of a lifestyle than a hobby. Yoga had always been a part of her life, starting from age 12 when her mother brought her along to yoga and meditation classes. Amazed at how yoga not only alleviated pain in the joints, but also created a freedom of expression and comfort in the mind and the body, Sarah wanted to take her practice and teaching deeper.
She completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Flow Teacher certification with Frog Lotus Yoga International in Bali, Indonesia in 2015, training and teaching alongside some of the best instructors in the world. She also completed her Childlight teacher training, and is certified to teach ages 2-18. Sarah is also OM births certified to teach expecting mothers. She is completing her 500 hour teacher training this December in India.
Catching the "travel bug" and teaching all over the world has allowed Sarah to be constantly inspired by nature, spirituality, and the elements, linking movement, breath and life through the graceful practice.
Her retreats and workshops combine traditional kirtan, mantras, mudras, pranyama, and asana(poses)... deepening the full yoga experience. Her playful, energizing classes challenge the body while still relaxing the mind. Sarah encourages growth and interconnectedness of the physical and spiritual self within her students, and incorporates accessible levels and modifications for each individual. Sarah seeks to help others thrive by nurturing body and soul through yoga, and her hope is that her students will step off the mat and into everyday life with that same nourishment and balanced attitude.

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