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Cacao: Superhero of Superfoods

A chocolate revolution is gaining speed. Cacao pods and raw blocks are finding their way to our shores, changing the way we consume this superfood.

Spring Clean Your Eating

You may have noticed the term “clean eating” being thrown around in the latest wellness magazines and your favorite health inspired social media posts. What

Layers of Success

I frequently hear, “You run outside in the winter? Are you crazy?” While that is up for debate, I know that if you want something

Open in 2018

Is it the weather or is it just cold in here? Negative temperatures and negative vibes can make anyone feel closed off.  Instead of retreating

The power of creativity

Welcome to 2018, a new year, a new you, and a new start. As most of us out there are making resolutions and figuring out

How to start Meditating in 5 easy steps

Especially with New Year’s Resolutions top-of-mind, meditations been a hot topic. You’re probably well aware of the endless benefits of this practice, but what actually



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