Sprint into Summer Stronger – Thanks to Spending Some Time at the Barre!

Jackie Lucas

Happy Summer, Juice Nation! Here in New England, we’re hitting all our summer activities hard now that sunshine and warmth are finally here. One activity many of us look forward to stepping-up in warmer months is getting outsider and running.

Some uninitiated runners are still under the false impression that if you’re a true runner, you don’t waste potential running time in a studio taking a group fitness class. Nothing could be further from the truth though!

You just need to choose the right classes to be sure you’re enhancing your running form, endurance, and resiliency to injury in the class you take. If you love running, then do it right. Make the most of your passion for running by mixing-up your routine with thoughtfully selected classes like barre and Pilates – which can do amazing things for runners!

Several years ago, I started receiving consistent feedback about barre classes from runners that thought they’d give barre a try to spend more time stretching and gaining range of motion. They were stunned by the unexpected benefits (in addition to gaining flexibility) which they experienced after developing a consistent barre practice.

For example:

More power & faster times (thanks to stronger glutes)

Improved form & efficiency of movement (thanks to stronger core)

Less joint soreness after long runs (thanks to strengthening the connective musculature surrounding joints, to better support them)

Fewer injuries & better agility (thanks to improved flexibility and balance)

Don’t succumb to tunnel vision as a runner this summer! If you want to be a better runner, and protect your body to continue doing what you love most – for the long run – spend some time at the barre! Check out barre and Pilates mat classes at EVOLVE mindful movement, and reap the benefits of diversifying your routine.

Both classes have a strong focus on precision form, and they work every muscle group in the body to fatigue in a safe way that has been proven for decades to deliver a myriad of benefits that go far beyond a good stretch!

EVOLVE mindful movement is Portsmouth’s locally-owned boutique studio, providing world-class barre, Pilates, BUTI, yoga & fusion classes.  Our team of instructors has decades of combined experience. We have trained with the best in mindful movement across the country andaround the globe and look forward to sprinting into summer with you.

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram @evolvemindfulmovement for special deals and news & find our current schedule of classes online at www.evolveportsmouth.com/classes

Jackie Lucas



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