What Your Juicery Order Says About You

Nancy Chen


There are so many options to try on the Juicery menu, but most people have a go-to Favorite Juice or smoothie.

Scroll down to find yours… and to see what it says about you.*


Peanut Butter Bliss

You’re fun, outgoing, and charismatic. You probably also loved chocolate milk as a kid and PB and Nutella sandwiches.


Açaí Bowl

You live for a killer Instagram shot, and a good açaí bowl. You’re not #basic, you swear.


Kali Mango

You’re wishing you were on the beach right now…


Very Berry

Hello, sweet child at heart! Step it  up and try it with peanut butter to remind you of your favorite childhood classic, PB and J.


Faster Than Light

You’re health conscious and want your smoothie to pack in all the nutrients. You’re probably Type A and definitely made some substitutions in this.



You’re a beast in the gym. You need all the high protein, low calorie fuel, always.


Citrus Sunshine

You loved OJ as a kid (or maybe even Sunny D) but now you need something a little more grown up… can you say BRUNCH staple item?!


Life Blood

Are you sick? Detoxing from a crazy weekend? Both?


Green Juice

You like the taste of grass or hate sugar. Maybe both. You’re either from SoCal or wish you were.


Cayenne Shot

You scoff at people who think Hot Cheetos are spicy. Psh, amateurs.


Fire Tonic Shot

You probably drink apple cider vinegar in the morning, either because A) you like the way it tastes, B) you like the way it burns, C) you’ve heard about the health benefits, or D) all of the above.


Build-Your-Own Anything

Who needs menu items? You like things exactly your way. You’re creative, particular, and enjoy telling people what to do.


Don’t see your favorite Juicery item? Tell us what yours is and what you think it says about you!

*The contents of this article were created for fun and are not backed by any science or data.


Nancy Chen

Paleo-ish blogger and trainer at Title Boxing Club Boston. Nancy’s passion is helping people lead a happier lifestyle through transforming their health, fitness, and mindset in a realistic manner. Yoga enthusiast, finisher in the 2016 BAA Half Marathon, Tough Mudder and Spartan Race runner, and former competitive swimmer. You can usually find her with a smoothie bowl in one hand and some form of avocado in the other.



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