Employee handing a customer an acai bowl.

Habits are the daily decisions and actions that shape our lives.

With a commitment to promoting healthier routines, we’ve served over one million smoothies with a single goal in mind: to become a healthy habit for the people in our communities. We aim to set a new standard for getting clean nutrition fast and easy.

Our blenders spin only the freshest, nutrient-packed superfoods with a menu designed to boost the moods of our loyal customers. The Juicery isn’t just a place defined by its menu but by the endorsement of its community. We’re a fresh twist on ‘fast food’ for an on-the-go generation that prioritizes nourishment.

We started in 2008 in a small 100-square-foot space in Portsmouth, NH.

While we’ve expanded and each location has its own distinct charm, they all serve a common purpose: to provide a place to gather and refuel. We always strive to be a spot where you feel welcome no matter who you are.

The original Juicery location storefront